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Spring Clean up Tips

Here are some Spring clean up tips. Pick up dead leaves, broken branches, and trim overgrown shrubs. The key here is removing all the excess that has collected during the winter. While at it, dig out as many weeds as you can find before roots get deeper.

Fertilize — Your plants and lawn can use a boost. Take the time to feed. Using a “weed and feed” product lets you accomplish 2 things at once – promoting healthy grass and killing the weeds.

Build the Beds — After a long winter, your landscaping can look tired, flat, and washed out. Put a fresh edge on the beds and set the depth to 4 inches. Rebuild the old beds with 3 inches of mulch. After this your yard will have a fresh look. It will also help as you move on to the next step.

Plant Away — Nothing says spring like planting. Whether you opt for flowers and shrubs, or you’re going to create a garden, know what to buy. The USDA climate zone for the state of Maryland ranges from 5-8. In the Baltimore area we are in zone 7. Know the sun exposure for the area to be planted and if deer are an issue. With this information you will make the right plant selections.

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