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Retaining Walls built for function, style, or both.

Retaining Walls
Retaining Walls

A common landscape feature, retaining walls and garden walls are a great addition to your landscape. We are experts on construction with stone or block materials and we will find the right one that matches your preference and style. Retainer walls are typically a larger and have more of a load bearing application. Garden walls are mainly decorative and provide an accent to the landscape. These wall types are a integral part of any backyard getaway.

Large, load bearing landscape walls require permits and engineering when they reach a certain height. It is very important to comply with local building regulations and keep the wall construction compliant. We work with engineers and are very familiar with the permit process in various parts of Maryland.

Garden walls are typically under 2 feet tall. Some garden wall block are only rated to be 16 inches above grade.

Retaining wall blocks come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. Its all about using the right block for the job.

Many people wonder about the cost of retaining wall construction. There are a a variety of factors, and height is a big one. Every retaining wall project is different. Hence, each cost is different.


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