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Landscape Installation and Planting

The beauty of any landscape is dependent on landscape installation and planting. Planting trees and planting shrubs with the right size and sunlight preference is a key to a successful planting. Tree planting can add shade and create a focal point in the landscape. Or perhaps you want to plant a tree for privacy. Privacy tree planting is a fantastic alternative to a large fence and provides additional benefits. We also offer mulching to make sure your new plants are properly cared for as well.

Landscape replacements are very popular when it becomes time to do away with the old and make something new and beautiful. This is most typical in older homes with an aged landscape and with new construction homes when the builder does not offer a good planting option. Landscape enhancement is a great way to add beauty and balance to your existing landscape.

Deer resistant landscaping and native plants are a common site consideration. Those are just a a few factors that we look at when creating a landscaping plan. To set up a consultation to talk about your site conditions and planting needs for your landscape design and planting project give us a call. 410-818-8008 or use Contact Us.


Valley Landscaping, Stone & Patio is a licensed home improvement contractor. MHIC # 134277.

Always make sure you work with a licensed contractor when doing any work at your home.

Tree and shrub planting Ellicott City - deer resistant
Deer resistant landscaping in Ellicott CIty.
Landscape Replacement and Enhancement Catonsville
Planting new trees and shrubs. Landscape Replacement in Catonsville.