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Instant satisfaction. Instant "Grassification"

Sod installation is the ultimate in providing instant gratification. If you have been struggling to get grass to grow or if you want to

sod install
Sod Installation gives you a green and healthy lawn without the wait.

repair a damaged area planting sod is a great solution. Many homeowner will use sod after an exterior project such as an addition or patio. With sod you get a healthy lawn, thick turf, and beautiful color. Sod is beneficial for erosion prone areas and to repair damaged areas after construction.

Prepare the Land

Proper preparation before beginning the sod project is a main key to success of the grass long term. It is important to install a healthy bedding soil in the yard before laying out the sod which means spreading top soil in the work area in advance of the sod being placed. Thorough watering after sod installation is the most important of all. Proper care of newly planted sod calls for watering 1 inch per day for at least the first two weeks.

Pro Tip: To make it easy to measure one inch of water, place an empty tuna can in the area. When the tuna can is full you know your have watered one inch.

Our Take on Sod

Valley Landscaping is the premier Sod services landscape company in the Baltimore Area. We pride ourselves on installing the best sod grown in the state. We also get it fresh and direct from the grower. Sod is cut, put on pallets, loaded, delivered and installed all within 24 - 36 hours.

Valley Landscaping, Stone & Patio provides sod installation services in Catonsville, Ellicott City, Pikeville and surrounding areas. As a full service professional landscape company we handle the entire project and all components from start to finish.

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