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Mulch Installation


Mulch installation is a simple and effective way to enhance your landscape. Performing a spring clean up followed by new mulch will give any landscape a fresh look and provide curb appeal.  We use high quality mulch and have access to double shredded hardwood, pine bark, black dyed mulch or brown dyed mulch. When installing mulch we spread mulch to a depth of 2 - 3 inches.

The cost to install mulch will vary depending on the size of the job, the type of mulch used, and ease of access. Call Valley Landscaping, Stone & Patio for a mulch installation estimate. Mulching estimates are free and we will be happy to assist.

paver sealer

Patio Restoration

Over time some patios will start to settle which will cause low spots and may result in standing water in some areas. Also, joint sand will start to wash away and every few years you will need to re-sand a paver patio. Since your patio is constantly in the elements and has to endure rain, sun, dirt and a host of other forces of nature it will start to show signs of wear. You do not necessarily need to replace your paver patio. You may simply need a patio restoration. A full restoration will address and sinking and settling areas, power wash the pavers, re-sand the paver joints, and apply a sealer as a final step for added protection.

To keep your patio looking its best we recommend power washing, re-sand, and re-seal every 2-3 years.

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Spring Clean Up

Cleaning up your property for spring is a big job. Your landscape has different needs during the four seasons, but spring and fall are usually the most demanding seasons for maintenance and clean up. Spring and fall landscape clean up is also an important job if you want to maintain a great looking property. A professional landscape clean up will provide maximum results when paired with mulch installation. We offer great clean up and mulch packages that will make your property really look its best.

Paver Seal Wax Upkeep protects sidewalk landscaping

Paver Seal

Paver seal for your paver patio is just like wax for your car. Sure, your car was built to be outside in the elements but waxing it protects the paint and will ensure it stays looking great for a long time. The same logic applies to your pavers. Using paver seal will not only protect your patio but it will also make it look amazing - just like a newly waxed car.

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Prune & Trim

Proper care for your landscape involves proper trimming and pruning of the plants you look after. Valley Landscaping, Stone & Patio provides expert care and can assist you in the proper trimming and pruning of your plant material. Correct pruning and trimming can make the difference between a good landscape and a great landscape.