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Patio Restoration

Make Your Patio Look New Again with Restoration

When the elements and time have their way with your patio and its seen better days you may not need to replace. A weathered patio can be made bright and fresh again. Patio restoration is a great thing for an older paver patio or paver walkway.

Over time the sand in paver joints will wash away. Dirt, grime, moss, and other things will stain the patio pavers over time. A good cleaning will wash away the built up film over the pavers. Removing weeds from the joints and cleaning the patio is the first order of business. After that comes the re-sand.

Many older patios will have regular sand in the paver joints. Now there are alternative products on the market. Some materials will prevent weeds from growing through the seams. This is a major reason for people switching away from the standard old school sand.

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